How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

  • Peter Colbert
  • 11/29/22

As the majority of homebuyers turn to the digital world to search for a home, the photos on your home's listing are emerging as the most important tool in the home marketing toolkit. It takes a lot of time to search for and tour homes for sale, so many homebuyers use online images to narrow down the properties they are most interested in seeing in person. So, if your listing doesn't grab the attention of those buyers, there's a good chance they'll scroll by to the next one. In fact, according to a recent article in the Washington Post, 84% of buyers indicated that if a listing doesn't have photos, they don't even bother to look at it.

Regardless of current market conditions, having beautiful images can be the "secret weapon" that allows your home to stand out from the competition, locking in the interest of potential buyers. This article will be your guide to getting the most out of your luxury home. It will explore the reasons why professional photography is an essential part of any robust home marketing strategy.

The growing impact of digital technology

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Forty years ago, homebuyers relied almost entirely on printed newspaper ads and yard signs to search for a new home. It's clear that times have changed dramatically! According to the NAR's 2021 report entitled "The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers," 95% of buyers now use the Internet for their home search, while only 7% use the newspaper. This shift underscores the necessity of using digital channels like the MLS, websites, and social media to market and promote home sales. The cornerstone of all of these digital platforms is the images. A professional real estate photographer has the equipment and know-how to produce fabulous photos of your house, which will likely result in your listing standing out from the online crowd.

Higher sales price and faster sale

With the majority of home buyers using the Internet when searching for a home, it's clear that the best and most impactful real estate marketing plans will focus on maximizing the reach and impact of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). According to recent data from the NAR (National Association of Realtors), in 2018, 87% of homebuyers indicated that the photos were the most valuable part of the MLS listing, and homes that are professionally photographed can result in a 47% higher asking price per square foot. For even modestly-sized luxury homes, that can result in a substantial return on investment.

The faster and more effectively a seller can capture interest, the more likely there will be more potential buyers, and the home will sell faster. This assertion is corroborated by VHT, an Illinois-based real estate photography management firm, indicating that professional images can result in a home selling up to 32% faster. Based on this data, it's clear that enhancing the MLS listings for luxury homes in Healdsburg, CA, with professional photos can increase the likelihood of getting a better sale price and selling the house more quickly.

The cost of hiring a pro

While most home sellers clearly understand the advantages of using a professional real estate photographer, many believe that it will be prohibitively expensive. That is just not the case. Professional photography is actually very affordable. On average, a one-hour photo shoot will cost approximately $350, and a 4-hour shoot will cost $700+. Of course, those costs are estimates and will vary based on location. Even so, with the potential of increasing your price per square foot by up to 47%, you stand to have an excellent return on investment.

Why not DIY?

As you prepare to sell your Healdsburg home, it may be tempting to DIY your home's photos or have your real estate agent take them. In fact, that is what most home sellers do. But if your goal is to stand out from the crowd, it's essential to raise the bar on your marketing efforts and use the services of a professional. Even if you are an avid photographer, you are unlikely to have the expertise and specialized equipment that a professional would bring to the table.

An experienced real estate photographer knows exactly how to capture each room and your home’s incredible features on camera to inspire the viewer's imagination and emotion. Professionally composed photos of your property will increase buyers' perception of its value, resulting in more interest, more offers, a higher price, and a faster sale. This strategy is particularly essential when selling high-end real estate, as buyers will pay top dollar and expect to see the home and its characteristics beautifully displayed in the listing. You may not get a second chance if you fail to grab buyers’ attention as they peruse homes online.

Take it up a notch

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If you'd like to do even more to raise the bar and stand out from the crowd on the Healdsburg real estate market, consider adding 3D video walkthroughs and drone footage to the listing. Professional video footage is even better than still photos when highlighting your home's beauty and luxurious amenities. Buyers will be able to see the entire property, including the yard and surrounding neighborhood. This is particularly valuable if the home's location offers picturesque views or the community has appealing amenities that should be showcased in the listing.

Video footage also provides the viewer with a complete vision of the property (inside and outside), providing a better feel for the home's layout, flow, and spaciousness. Video footage also makes the listing appear more professional, which adds to its prestige, increasing the likelihood of attracting high-end buyers.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is like having a secret weapon when selling your home. A good balance of high-quality photos and videos will result in a higher sales price and a faster sale — and who doesn't want that? When selling a luxury home in California's beautiful wine country, working with a team of experienced real estate professionals that can provide expert advice is essential. Peter Colbert and his team have proven expertise and know what it takes to get results. They will use their top-notch marketing expertise to help you sell your home quickly for a great price. Contact the Wine Country Colbert Group today to get started!

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